ORBAI is developing Spiking Neural Network (SNN) tools and technology that will enable more advanced AI applications, with conversational speech, human-like cognition, and planning and interaction with the real world, learning without supervision. It will find first use in smart devices, homes, and robotics, then in online professional services with an AGI at the core powering them.

ORBAI’s SNN technology will enable truly smart devices, homes, robots, autonomous vehicles, and online services.

Later development of AGI applications built on the SNN technologies include applications with conversational speech, with superhuman prediction, planning, and cognition enabling intelligent services and apps via SAAS

The AI market was $387 billion US in 2022, and with a CAGR of 20%, we expect it would grow to $1,394 billion US by 2027

ORBAI has 2 patents pending in artificial general intelligence, one for the underlying SNN tools and technology, and one for the overall AGI architecture.

ORBAI has a senior team with decades of experience in software engineering, scientific computing, deep learning, neuroscience, and entrepreneurship, founding 7 companies between our founders.

ORBAI will provide access to the technology via an API and the NeuroCAD toolset and on the back-end as an AI as a Service model. We will license the development tools to our customers and an ecosystem of 3rd party developers that work with them, to facilitate connection of the customer’s front end to the AGI, and integration with our developer’s back-end AGI-enabled to achieve the fastest market penetration of our technologies in this exponentially expanding market.