ORBAI is developing advanced Artificial General Intelligence that works more like the human brain, that can learn like us, from experience and practice, and is developing much more robust and powerful tools for creating neural nets for speech, vision, control, and decision-making, that enable advanced artificial intelligence in robotics, drones, autonomous driving, smart homes, appliances and devices, and real holographic interactive digital assistants with advanced speech capabilities. Long term, it starts us on a credible path towards  Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Artificial General Intelligence is the penultimate goal of AI – to create synthetic intelligence that has the ability to speak conversationally and interact verbally like a human, that can understand the concepts behind language and compose coherent speech and text at a human level. It can solve all the problems that a human can, using associative memory, analogy, metaphor, imagination, problem solving, intuition, logic and deduction, and it can communicate with humans and express its results in our language. This will make them able to do most human tasks and professions as well as or better than a human. ORBAI plans to have working Legal, Medical, Financial, and other professional AGIs working in a global network by 2028, interacting directly with professionals to help them do their jobs and supplying basic automated services directly to people.