NeuroCAD - Design Software for Spiking Neural Networks

NeuroCAD is a software tool with a UI for designing spiking neural networks, based on ORBAI's patented technology and process for designing, training, and evolving spiking neural networks that forms the foundation for ORBAI's AI technology. The user progresses from laying SNNs out in the editor layer by layer to using advanced genetic algorithms to crossbreed and optimize networks for specialized functions in vision, speech, control, and planning for applications in mobile applications, home automation, robotics, smart electronics, and vehicle automation.

This toolchain and the associated runtime toolkit will allow our customers to integrate the tools and SNNs created with it into their current R&D workflow easily, and build the advanced AI functionality they need into their products to make them truly intelligent and interactive.

Features include

  • Advanced graphical user interface for laying out and connecting neural network layers

  • Fast, GPU-accelerated SNN simulation using advanced neuron and synapse models

  • Tools to cross-breed and evolve SNNs to specific applications using an automated process

  • Ability to create advanced neural networks that greatly exceed the capabilities of todays DNN technology

  • Using one unified SNN architecture that can be specialized to applications in vision, speech, control, and planning

  • Allows for generative AI that is truly intelligent and not just doing statistical reconstruction of data