Artificial General Intelligence 

A Revolution Beyond Deep Learning and The Human Brain

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Have you wondered about artificial intelligence and where it is really going? Do you want see through the hype and understand what works today, and how it compares to human intelligence and know whether or not it will overtake humans and take over our world?

This book walks you through the state of the art in today’s deep learning AI then the neuroscience of the human brain, showing how much they differ and how far we are today from having AI that can compare to us. Then we do a deep dive on artificial general intelligence and set the requirements for and do a tech design for an AGI that is based on the human brain, and that could be capable of equalling or going beyond it. We finish with examples if AGI being deployed in medicine, law, finance and other fields, and forecast how it will be able to dominate these fields as it evolves into a globe-spanning Superintelligence.

About the authors:

Brent Oster is a 30 year veteran in the tech industry, with degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing. He has worked in AI and Deep Learning for the past 10 years at NVIDIA and ORBAI as the CTO. 


Gunnar Newquist is a PhD. Neuroscientist, and a tech entrepreneur, founding a company called Brain2Bot with the vision of bringing robot companions to life. Gunnar has also managed multiple autonomous vehicle products.